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Maps to and boundaries of locations such as:

  • Conservation Areas
  • Crown Lands
  • Public Lands
  • Ontario Parks

Relevant and Necessary Information such as:

  • Maps
  • Directions
  • Location description
  • Regulations


Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the currency and accuracy of the information presented in the Ontario Hunting Guide. However, Outdoor Solution assumes no responsibility on the recent updates made by original sources after the publication of this Guide. Users of this Guide should verify the information from primary sources prior to making decisions or acting upon them.

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Waterfowl Flag Instructions

1. Remove the last segment of the fishing rod.

Step 1

2. Roll the electrical tape near the end of the rod so that the removed segment fits between the roll of tape and the guide

Step 2

3. Put a rubber band or a rubber ring near the middle of the last segment.

Step 3

4. Cut the silk (roughly 35” X 30”), fold it (white line) and sew the edge together. Cut a hole in the middle.

Step 4

5. Pull the removed segment through the folded part of the silk.

Step 5

6. Tie the left and right ends with rubber bands.

Step 6

7. Hook the silk piece between the tape and the guide.

Step 7

8. Tie the middle part with rubber bands.

Step 8

9. Pull the end of the silk through the rubber ring near the center.

Step 9


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